Luxury Desert Advenutre

Terms & Conditions

  1. Luxury Desert Adventure, Dubai, United Arab Emirates (“we”, “us” or “our”) provides tours, safaris, transportation and other activities (“Activities”) to participants (“you” or “your”) either itself or through its suppliers.
  2. Any tour sales voucher, as well as all other tickets and coupons issued in relation to the activities, are provided and issued subject to these conditions of contract, as well as any and all terms and conditions of the owners, operators, public carriers, and other individuals who provide you with the activities. On request, copies of these terms and conditions are available. By purchasing a voucher or making a reservation that entitles you to take part in an activity, you are believed to have agreed to and accepted these contract terms.
  3. When a booking is made, the whole price of any activity is due and payable. If the full price of the activity is not paid to us at least two (2) days before the start of the stated activity, we reserve the right to cancel the booking. If you cancel your reservation less than twenty-four (24) hours before the start of an activity, there will be no return due to you. An activity will be deemed canceled if you do not show up at the agreed-upon location by the scheduled departure time.
  4. We reserve the right, with or without prior notice to you and at our sole discretion, to cancel, modify, or omit any aspect of any activity for which a booking has been made. Due to the nature of many of the activities, in particular, delays and cancellations may occur as a consequence of situations outside of our control or that of our suppliers, such as bad weather, mishaps, illnesses, governmental limitations, and other cases of force majeure. In these circumstances, we and/or the supplier of the relevant activity may decide to grant a refund or partial refund.
  5. You are aware of the possible dangers and risks associated with some of the activities, and you accept them. You are in charge of making sure you are both physically and mentally prepared for the specific activity. You consent to following the directions given by any staff members conducting the activity (the “Leader”) in English. You may be asked not to participate in the activity without the right to a price refund if the leader determines that your actions or physical state endangers the safety, welfare, or general well-being of the group as a whole, or if the leader believes that continuing with the activity will endanger your general well-being.
  6. Particularly, a few of the activities could be dangerous. In order to reduce the danger to you, Luxury Desert Adventure and its suppliers will make use of all of their experience as well as, if appropriate, the experience and assistance of local guides and other professionals. To the contrary, you can be forced to read, comprehend, and sign an indemnity and waiver form in English before engaging in activities that the Leader deems potentially dangerous or against his or her advice.
  7. We solely serve as an agent for the provider of the relevant activity or the event’s organizers when we offer activities made available by third parties or when we supply you with a voucher good for a ticket to an event. You are subject to the terms and conditions of the event’s organizer or activity’s operator, and any refund is governed by such terms and restrictions. Therefore, we will not be held liable for the actions or inactions (including negligence) of those operators or organizers, or of their employees or agents, or for any harm, damage, or loss resulting from the provision of Activities by such operators, or from the event or its planning.
  8. To the fullest extent authorized by law, Luxury Desert Adventure disclaims all liability for any harm, loss, mishap, illness, injury, or demise that you or another person may experience as a result of the activities or in connection with your agreement with us or the organizer of any activities. It is recommended that you carry complete travel and health insurance. Throughout the activity, you do so at your own risk with regard to all personal items.
  9. Any services/travel items purchased from us are non-transferable, cannot be sold, cashed in, or given away, and cannot be used for commercial or promotional purposes unless expressly approved.
  10. Any personal items left behind will be stored for three months after which time they will be responsibly disposed of.
  11. Create a profile: Discounts for registering are only valid on specific items. No other discount or promotion may be used in conjunction with this offer.