Thrilling Dune Buggy Ride Dubai

The desert tells a different story
every time one ventures on it.

Buggy Tour Dubai: A Desert Adventure

The best way to enjoy the real desert experience in Dubai is through a dune buggy tour. Whether visiting Dubai or residing here, a dune buggy ride through the desert must be on your to-do list. At Luxury Desert Adventure, we arrange the most exciting buggy tours for you and your family. The thrill and adventure you experience with our dune buggy rental are exceptional. Make your Dubai trip unforgettable by choosing from a range of powerful two-seater dune buggies or a self-drive buggy ride with us.

Dune Buggies Rental

We have added the most popular ATVs for rent to our collection. These side-by-side offroad vehicles are ideal for a safe ride over rough terrain with high ground clearance. We also offer ATV rental on our luxury desert safari in Dubai. An ATV is a 4-wheeler quad, but a buggy is more like an off-road car. If you are more interested in motorsports, you might want to check out our dirtbike motocross Yamaha. We also take you for an exhilarating steep dune bashing activity on a 4×4 land rover.

You have the choice to book a Can-Am Maverick or a Polaris dune buggy. 2-seater and 4-seater Polaris are perfect if you are with a group on the dune buggy safari Dubai. Choose any 1000 cc buggy and go for an ATV tour with a four-wheel drive and fully-automatic drive.

Buggy 1000cc 4 Seater

1400 AED - 1 HOUR

Cross Yamaha YZ 450f

550 AED - 1 HOUR

Quad Yamaha 700cc Raptor

500 AED - 1 HOUR

Quad Automatic 400cc

400 AED - 1 HOUR

Exclusive Dune Buggy Adventure Touring

If you seek an adrenaline rush, our dune buggy ride Dubai is for you. We want you to see the spectacular beauty of the Dubai desert with our amazing dune buggy tour. Riding a powerful 4wd off-road buggy will be your life’s most extraordinary off-roading experience. Our dune buggy tours are well planned and executed, considering all the safety measures. Before going on an off-roading tour, we check and properly maintain all the off-roaders. There is no need for you to have a driver’s license to rent one of our side by side. They are easy enough to drive, even for beginners. Trained professionals will assist you throughout your buggy adventures Dubai to ensure you have the best time.

The off-roader’s extreme horsepower will surely get you the thrill you seek. We offer self-drive and two-seater dune buggy ride on our desert safari tours. However, if you prefer an all-terrain vehicle, we have superfast and adventurous quad bike rental and 4×4 ATV and quads for rent. Contact us today and book the best Dubai desert buggy ride with us.


Our client’s security and safety come first. We take all measures to ensure you enjoy the best excursion while being safe.

  • The trained crew is always there to supervise the whole dune buggy tour and will provide the first aid in case of an accident.
  • Our dune buggy rentals are well maintained and are checked regularly. Protective gear such as helmets is available for the clients on desert safari Dubai. Clients are given elaborate safety training before starting a tour.
  • Dress for the adventure. Choose closed toe shoes and pants to cover yourself completely.
  • Our tour guide is always ready to help you if a vehicle breaks down while dune buggy riding.

Age Limit

  • If you want to get behind-the-wheel of a self-drive buggy, you must be over the age of 16. Children accompanying adults should be over the age of 5.
  • A driver’s license is not required, but we will provide a preliminary training session before taking you on the ATV trail.
  • Expectant women are not allowed to drive or ride as a passenger on an off-road vehicle.

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